Will you join us for children in Masiphumelele South Africa?

Are you a runner, is a half marathon a great challenge for you and do you have a warm heart for children in a township? Then this is your chance to run the half marathon in Eindhoven. We will pay for your registration at ASML. For the first 10 runners who sign up with us, we have a shirt specially designed for this action, made in Masiphumelele. There is a goodie bag for all our participants. If you participate, we ask you to raise €500 sponsorship money (or as much as possible) from family, friends, acquaintances or others. Something for you?

The registration form that you join the stichting Ibhongo team can be found here and at the bottom of the page. After registration, you will receive a welcome package. Here you will also find the description of how you can create your own donation page that is linked to our special donation page for the marathon. Click here for the registration of the half marathon itself: Registration.

About the Race

This year, the 13.1 mile race is being held on Sunday 13th October 2024, taking place in Eindhoven

This is the first year that stichting Ibhongo and Masicorp ZA has entered a team into the race and we are looking forward to supporting our runners with all the tools they need to help raise funds for education in Masiphumelele, a township near Cape Town, South Africa.

Please support our runners with their fundraising goals by sponsoring their campaigns, especially the Stay&Play programOur goal is €5000  – every gift helps!

About Masiphumelele, Ibhongo and Masicorp

Poor education is a leading factor in continuing the cycle of poverty in Masiphumelele. It is estimated that 40 000 people are living poor and disadvantaged in this community due to the legacy of apartheid. The limited access to a quality education also leads to extremely high levels of unemployment – an estimated 70%!

Stichting Ibhongo drives fundraising initiatives to support educational projects for young children living in Masiphumelele. We believe in education as a tool to empower people and uplift communities from poverty, and the work of Masicorp in South Africa over the past 23 years has seen thousands of people benefiting from various education and skills development programmes. Masicorp is making a proven difference to their lives, helping people progress out of poverty and towards a brighter future. Stichting Ibhongo supports Masicorp already for more than 10 years.

Sign up via our registration form. Sign the letter of intent to raise at least a sponsorship amount of €500.

Go here to the site of Whydonate, our common donation platform for this event. You can find a manual by clicking on the link “manual whydonate“. Both clicks will go to a new tab. So you can use them side by side.

It’s great that you’re participating!