Als afscheid hadden de bestuusleden Germa en Con een berichtje op Facebook geplaatst. Onze partners hadden ook een berichte geplaatst of gestuurd wat we jullie niet willen onthouden. Het raakt ons enorm!

Dag lieve mensen in en rond Masiphumelele, Masicorp, Masiphumelele Creative Hub and St Francis Outreach Trust. Wat hebben we veel mogen ervaren samen en intensief samengewerkt. Dank jullie wel voor jullie openheid en vriendschap. We gaan jullie missen. Maar onze verbinding is er en blijft, en we komen gewoon weer terug

We bid a fond farewell to our friends at Stichting Ibhongo recently, who had spent many busy weeks volunteering and working in our programmes.This special partnership has blossomed into a wonderful collaboration of trust and respect over the years and we love having them with us each year at our ECD’s and Maths Lab.It is so important for us to work with partners who understand the community we work with as well as our needs and challenges. Their hands-on approach is truly rare!Thank you Stichting Ibhongo for your dedication and love for the Masi community and the trust you have for Masicorp. Your time, generosity and energy is gratefully appreciated.

An open letter to Germa Zeijen, Con van Zundert, stichting Ibhongo and Wilde Ganzen. There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others. The past six weeks had been the greatest, filled with love, happiness, growth, knowledge, and lots of experience with you at MCH. The MCH team is sad that you have left but happy with the time spent with you. With this letter, we’re writing to show our gratitude and appreciation for your love and support. Mama Germa, Papa Con, Wilde Ganzen and your team in the Netherlands deserve our gratitude for their magnificent work, their efforts, and their commitment and dedication in advocating on our behalf for MCH projects. Last Saturday, March 11, we had the opportunity to witness your hard work and efforts paying off during Wild Goose Day. Congratulations once again on your appointment as a World Citizenship 2023 ambassador, well deserved. We cannot wait for the bikes to arrive at MCH. Thank you once again for everything. MCH loves you, and we will miss you till we meet again. Love,MCH Team, SA